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About Veronique


I have been practicing yoga since 1999. It started as a way to get my flexibility back and a complement to other physical activities I was doing then. It soon became a very regular practice. Yoga is the only physical activity I felt safe continuing during my pregnancy and I tried to do a little bit every morning - maybe this is why my son was a very calm baby and why he loves joining me when I do ‘funky’ yoga poses :)

I now practice every day and it has become a way of life. It brings me energy and focus, strength and flexibility and most of all a sense of peace that enables me to unwind, even after a stressful day.

This is why I have decided to ‘spread the love’ and teach the yoga I like: poses that flow well together, a fun and sometimes challenging practice, in a peaceful and focused way.

For this, I chose Group X Training, a renowned provider of qualitifications for the fitness industry, for my Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma, recognised by REPs.
I also have a Teen Yoga Certificate (to specifically teach teenagers) from YogaKidz Worldwide and am DBS checked.

Yoga is a personal journey and I am loving every step of the way... Why not start your journey today?