Stay Young Yoga
Worcester based classes
What is yoga?


The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ is very often translated as ‘union’: union of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is in fact a series of disciplines, dating back to thousands of years in Ancient India, designed to enhance one’s physical and mental well-being.

What you should expect in the West from a yoga class is physical exercise with a series of poses (asanas), some breathing exercises (pranayama) designed to awaken and spread the life-energy (prana) throughout the body, some meditation exercises where you will learn to be at peace with yourself, and final blissful relaxation to restore your body and release stress.

A lot of poses are very graceful and will release the inner child that is in all of us.
You will get stronger and more flexible with the many yoga asanas; you will learn about focus and balance through meditation and pranayama; you will learn about bandhas (energy locks) and how to engage them for a better understanding and hold of the poses; you will learn about hasta mudras (hand positions) which are spiritual and very graceful hand gestures used during the practice. Finally, you will learn how to let go of negative thinking through deep relaxation.

All this will lead you to a better understanding of your body, of your mind, and this may lead you to a leaner body, if that is one of your goals, with strong and long muscles and a stronger mind too to keep away from unhealthy snacks or food, stand out for yourself, be calmer and generally just be happy!

One of the effects of yoga is just that: after practicing it, you feel happy for no real reason...