My mission is to teach traditional yoga in a safe and fun way.  All abilities welcome.
Get in touch and try a class! 
Stay safe, stay playful, stay young!

The classes start with a few minutes of breath awareness which enables us to re-center ourselves, put aside our busy lives and awaken our receptivity to the practice ahead.
We then warm-up and start mobilising every joint of the body. Then come the poses that I like to link with the breath into a flow: this is called Vinyasa. Some poses will also be held for 3 to 5 deep breaths, so this can be quite slow. 
You can make it as gentle or as strong as you want or feel like on the day: the practice is on your mat. Modifications or variations given to suit your own practice.
The last 5min are dedicated to reflecting on your practice and deep relaxation. This will leave you energised yet relaxed and feeling good about yourself.
Group classes are 1h long. Individual classes can be as long as 1h30.

What to wear? what to bring?
Yoga is done is a warm environment but layers of comfortable clothes are best: a tee-shirt and long sleeve top and leggings. 
Please bring your own mat and props as you need them.